The Interaction of Complexity and Management

The Interaction of Complexity and Management

The Interaction of Complexity and Management

The Interaction of Complexity and Management


What is complexity science? What is management? And how are the two linked? The potential of complexity science in the fields of management and organization studies has been explored before, yet there is little agreement on what complexity science truly is. Lissack and Rivkin, along with a panel of distinguished academics and executives, identify critical topics in the study of complexity science. They reveal complexity science to be a process, one seeking and understanding of the systems we inhabit, and ways of applying that understanding to the management of organizations.


Michael Lissack

Management is hard work. It involves strategy and drudgery, fame and fear of exposure. As many a human-resources chieftain has said, much of it is less than glamorous. Managers have to deal with people, and people are much more difficult to understand and deal with than machines (though many management theories attempt to model people simply as machines). Managers will succeed and they will also fail.

Before the interdependent, cell-phoned, Internet-linked, networked world, life was simpler for the manager. Change was slower. a manager not only had a simpler system to deal with, but also more time to make decisions, more time to realize whether those decisions were correct or not, and still more time to set matters right if they were wrong. in a simpler world, the gap between what theory prescribed and managers experienced was less apparent, and far less important. the world has changed.


The media tell us that the Internet changes e-verything. Magazines like Fast Company, Wired, Business 2.0, The Industry Standard, Upside, and E-Company have created a whole new genre out of the saga of getting

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