Signs of the Zodiac: A Reference Guide to Historical, Mythological, and Cultural Associations


"Providing not only conceptual analysis of the major sun signs, but also timelines and charts to aid the student's understanding of the Zodiac, this volume provides much needed historical background which relates the Zodiac to art, philosophy, science, and religion; to major personalities, and to historical material such as the Bible". Joe Hester

Director of Gifted Programs Catawba County School District

Newton, North Carolina

"I am tremendously impressed with the prodigious amount of research [Snodgrass] undertook in this much-needed objective examination of the zodiac all the way from ancient times up to Nancy Reagan....[The author] presented these facts in a highly readable format... her easy style made it a most agreeable experience....[This] examination of each of the 12 signs in historical, artistic, literary, sociological, and religious perspective was nothing short of astonishing....[A]nyone working in the areas of the history of ancient (and modern) divination would find this extraordinary work immensely helpful". Robert E. Bell

author of Women as Classical Mythology

"Mary Ellen Snodgrass has an extraordinary range and grasp in this work, moving easily among classical references in astronomy, astrology, mythology, art, literature, science, and history. Her discussion of zodiacal lore around the world is extensive and learned, but remains accessible enough for the serious student; and her profiles of the 12 signs go immeasurably beyond the cliches. Throughout the book, Snodgrass maintains a scholarly distance with both insight and wit". Michael Spooner

Director, Utah State University Press)

A unique reference guide to the influence of the 12 zodiacal signs onhistory, mythology, religion, psychology, literature and language, art, advertising, and commercial products.

Additional information

Publisher: Place of publication:
  • Westport, CT
Publication year:
  • 1997


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