The Garments of Torah: Essays in Biblical Hermeneutics


PrefaceI. THE HERMENEUTICS OF SCRIPTURE IN FORMATION1. Inner-Biblical Exegesis: Types and Strategies of Interpretation in Ancient Israel2. Extra-Biblical Exegesis: The Sense of Not Reading in Rabbinic Midrash3. The Garments of Torah-Or, to What May Scripture Be Compared?II. SCRIPTURAL HERMENEUTICS AND THE FORMS OF CULTURE4. Israel and the Mothers5. From Scribalism to Rabbinism: Perspectiveson the Emergence of Classical JudaismIII. HERMENEUTICS, SCRIPTURE, AND THE PRESENT HOUR6. The Biblical Dialogue of Martin Buber7. Martin Buber¿s Moses8. Speech and Scripture: The Grammatical Thinking and Theology of Franz Rosenzweig9. The Teacher and the Hermeneutical Task: A Reinterpretation of Medieval ExegesisConclusion: The Notion of a Sacred TextNotesIndex


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