The TV Arab

The TV Arab

The TV Arab

The TV Arab


Dr. Shaheen, studying over 100 different popular entertainment programs, cartoons and major documentaries telecast on network, independent and public channels, totaling nearly 200 episodes that relate to Arabs, has thrown new and revealing light on the stereotypes of people from the Middle East.


Television creates lasting images. Thus, we in the television news business have a greater responsibility than most to avoid stereotyping, whatever the ethnic background or racial origin of the people involved.

Dr. Jack Shaheen has studied the image of the Arabs that television has projected over the years and found us lacking. His well-documented and perceptive account finds a stereotyping that should concern us all. Too few people these days take the time to read newspapers and magazines. Most of us depend on television for the news.

When our view is clouded with the stereotypical images, it can have a profound effect on our perception of people and their problems.

Fortunately, there are cases where television news is showing the way.

Dr. Shaheen's book will be a valuable passport to objectivity in the future treatment of the Arab.

Ed Bradley

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