What They Didn't Teach You about the Civil War

What They Didn't Teach You about the Civil War

What They Didn't Teach You about the Civil War

What They Didn't Teach You about the Civil War


Instead of reading lists of dates and battle locations, the reader will understand better the motives for the Civil War and a range of interesting ideas and facts regarding those who fought and those who stayed at home.


This is history with the drama left in, rawboned and rawhide. It is real life, human existence, the story of people and their passions. This is about their jealousies, their hatreds, and their loves. It is about how they lived life with the bark left on.

This is not some bland tale of the past as told in History 101, that desiccated husk of life many of us suffered and often slept through in high school or college. Nor is it history taught at its lowest common denominator with the drama dried out: learn this date; remember who won what battle during what war; don't forget who did what to whom and where.

This is not history on a grand scale, either. This is not all about battles and numbers; instead, it is about people. You'll find as few dates and numbers as possible in what follows. You will find here some of the stories and motives, some of the economic, moral, and philosophical accounts, the tidbits and trivial events of America's Civil War.

History is today's news wound out over an extended period of time, but what you are about to read is not the illustrated news of television. There are very few pictures. These essays fall in no particular order, so you may end up skipping around.

You may find some of what follows amusing. Some may border on the gruesome; some of it may sound irreverent. It may leave you with questions. That is good; find your own answers. This book only scratches the surface.

You know who won the shooting war. Or at least you think you know, but read on. These are the emotions, the passions, the stories of America's Civil War.

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