Women, Sexuality and War


The Second World War was a period which witnessed struggles for the definition of appropriate feminine identities and behavior. However, of the are myths and silences surrounding women's contribution to the war, the heroic myths of the War are male. Women's own accounts show how they consciously negotiated their lives through that fractured gendered time and space.War conditions threatened existing gendered social relations and so, throughout the war, 'woman' was the target of regulation and surveillance. Women's presence in the public spheres of industry, the services and other masculine spaces led to their sexuality becoming a contentious issue. Women's morals were increasingly related to Brtish male morale.How far the disruptions of war time challenge perceptions of feminine behavior remains controversial. Gender relations, feminine identity and the discourses constructing sexuality could have been threatened as the gendered nature of the public and private spheres and time and space were thorown into relief during the war.

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Publisher: Place of publication:
  • New York
Publication year:
  • 2002


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