Internal Wage Structure

Internal Wage Structure

Internal Wage Structure

Internal Wage Structure


As business life becomes more complex, so the field of industrial economics grows increasingly important. Though the problems in the micro-world of the firm and the influence of its behaviour on society as a whole are studied extensively there still exists a lack of that collaboration between students of different nationalities which has proved to be so fruitful in other sciences and even in other parts of economics.

Another obstacle to the development of this field of our science is the relatively few contacts in many countries between economists and business men.

The principal aim of this present series is to stimulate study and research in this part of economics and to further an interchange of ideas and results on an international basis. In general it is expected that contributors will not only give the present state of informed opinion in their respective countries on the subjects treated but also include the results of their own study and research. Although this may sometimes lead to some overlapping the editors feel that this may not be undesirable, in so far as it serves to link together the parts of the subject.

As the reader will see, the level of treatment is that appropriate to an audience of graduate academic standard. Nevertheless, the volumes are not addressed to academic scholars only but also to those engaged in management. A knowledge of basic economic principles is assumed.

If the publishing of this series gives an impulse to the fostering of international collaboration in this important section of economics and focuses attention on the necessity for further development of industrial economics and on the mutual benefit economics as well as practical business life may derive from it, the goal of the editors will be achieved.


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