Regulating Health Care: The Struggle for Control

Regulating Health Care: The Struggle for Control

Regulating Health Care: The Struggle for Control

Regulating Health Care: The Struggle for Control


Health care is primarily a medical problem, but it involves a great deal more than merely medical questions. Providing medical services has political, economic, social, and educational aspects that have a direct effect on the adequacy of the care. Consequently, the subject is properly a concern of the Academy of Political Science. The purpose of this volume is to examine some of these complex interrelationships that will be a principal issue of the next decade.

The authors of the essays are well known specialists in the areas in which they have written. The views they express, however, are their own and not necessarily those of any organization with which they are affiliated. The Academy of Political Science serves as a forum for the discussion of public policy questions, but as an organization it makes no recommendations on political issues.

Grants from the Pew Memorial Trust, as well as the Bank of America, the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, Allied Chemical Company, Exxon Corporation, and City Investing Company made this study possible. The Academy wishes to express its deep appreciation for this support.

Arthur Levin, M.D., who directed the study and edited the essays, has had extensive experience both in the government service and in research and teaching. He is uniquely qualified to make the link between professionals in the health area and readers with a general interest in these problems.

The Academy is also indebted to William Farr and John Tone for copy editing the manuscripts and supervising the publication of this volume.

President of the Academy . . .

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