Premiere Events: Library Programs That Inspire Elementary School Patrons

Premiere Events: Library Programs That Inspire Elementary School Patrons

Premiere Events: Library Programs That Inspire Elementary School Patrons

Premiere Events: Library Programs That Inspire Elementary School Patrons


Here is everything you need to plan, execute, and assess school library events. Aside from emphasizing the benefits of effective programs, the authors offer details on providing support services to enrich programming. Several examples of successful programs from across the nation provide the necessary inspiration to create your own imaginative and memorable events-events that motivate young students to fully take advantage of media center resources.


I could not have been happier with the success of Happenings: Developing Successful Programs for School Libraries (Libraries Unlimited, 1987). Even after the book went out of print after a lengthy run, I continued to receive notes and calls from users requesting “more, more.” Inspired by the responses and suggestions, my co-author, Roger Leslie, and I decided to offer much more than a mere update of Happenings and instead set out to provide a new series of books to address the unique needs of librarians at all three education levels: elementary, middle, and high school.

Although Premiere Events targets elementary library media specialists and district library coordinators, it is designed to be equally valuable to district administrators who work with school libraries and to the increasing number of principals discovering how vital media centers are to the success of a school. Additionally, although the major focus is school library media centers, we think the book can also help support public librarians in program development for elementary-age patrons.

The core information of this book draws on our own extensive backgrounds as school library media specialists. As a former elementary media specialist, I was an avid program developer. My principal, Marilyn Coker McPhillips, and I shared similar educational philosophies. in acknowledging the importance of the school library media center as the heart of the school, I immediately recognized the educational and public relations benefits derived from sponsoring special programs in the library. As I browsed various library resources in search of program ideas and professional works that could help me create my own library programs, I became aware of the lack of resources on the topic. Although there were some works on specific types of programs, such as Carolyn Feller Bauer’s resources that focus on programming with children’s literature and Joni Bodart’s Booktalk series, there were few books that addressed programs in general. After developing and presenting numerous programs in my own school library media center and attending programs in various school and public libraries, I wrote Happenings.

Later, after receiving a doctorate in education and becoming a university professor who teaches school library courses, I realized the importance of emphasizing library program development when preparing future school librarians. in my role as university educator, I added a

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