American Civil-Military Decisions

American Civil-Military Decisions

American Civil-Military Decisions

American Civil-Military Decisions


This volume of case studies constitutes the second and concluding portion of the Twentieth Century Fund project on Civil-Military Relations. Inaugurated after careful discussions in 1953, the project represented a significant departure from the economic research in which the Fund had previously concentrated. It seemed in line, however, with the kind of problems basic to the twentieth century as it advanced into its second half.

A first study in this area, Arms and the State byWalter Millis withHarvey C. Mansfield andHarold Stein, was published by the Twentieth Century Fund in 1958. This volume presents a general survey of civil-military relations in the United States since the 1930s. Work on the cases presented here was then already far advanced. The cases provided Mr. Millis and his associates with an important part of the substance of their account. The publication of the cases themselves will not only provide relevant and often hitherto inaccessible information but also serve as an aid to students and teachers in a field which is increasingly attracting attention in the universities.

The final editing of the cases has been delayed by numerous personal and technical problems, including the necessity in one significant instance of getting clearance of a manuscript from the military authorities. The Fund is now glad to have them completed and on their way. For their publication it has welcomed the co-operation of the Inter-University Case Program and the University of Alabama Press, which are experienced in the distribution of comparable material. It remains only to express a word of appreciation to the Director of the project, Harold Stein, Professor of Public and International Affairs at the Woodrow Wilson School of Princeton University, whose vision guided the original formulation and who has worked through many years, and over a period of serious illness, to bring it to completion.

August heckscher, Director

The Twentieth Century Fund

41 East 70th Street, New York February 1962 . . .

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