Hunting and Fishing for Sport: Commerce, Controversy, Popular Culture


Why do humans continue to hunt and fish for sport, especially in the face of growing public opposition? Why are the social sciences so reluctant to investigate these popular human sporting recreations? How do the new technological advances in hunting and fishing equipment affect the sporting standards of "fair play?" How are hunting and fishing portrayed in the popular culture media of film and boys' adventure literature? These questions and more are answered by the author who takes the reader afield with him as he travels to various parts of three continents in order to experience first-hand what commercial hunting opportunities offer their customers. Section One explains the neglect of these sports shown by the social sciences and describes the opposing points of view expressed by hunters/fishers and animal rights activists. Section Two traces the historical interaction between sporting standards and evolving technology in hunting. Also bass and trout fishing are compared regarding their contrasting philosophies and practices in pursuit of their sport. Finally, deep sea and Great Lakes sport fishing are shown to rely almost totally on machines which enable humans to capture their prey. Section Three offers the author's field journals in which he relates and analyzes his hunting experiences in seven different gamefields. An additional chapter delves more deeply into the nature and motivations surrounding trophy hunting. Section Four analyzes the content of 40 popular films with hunting and fishing themes from a span of 60 years. The films are classified in terms of their pro-, anti-, or neutrality/ambivalence concerning these blood sports. Another chapter traces how hunting and fishinghave been used as themes in boys' adventure literature during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This literature begins with the theme of "productive leisure" and over time adds the theme of sport which conforms to hig

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