India's Abortion Experience

India's Abortion Experience

India's Abortion Experience

India's Abortion Experience


This volume owes its origin to an invitation to deliver the John Danz Lectures at the University of Washington, Seattle, in 1971. Three lectures on India's population growth and the liberalization of abortion law as a partial contribution to the solution were delivered extempore. But as there is no single study on the subject of abortion in India, I have enlarged the scope of the lectures by adding to what was orally delivered some material on the legislative process in India as well as some recent demographic data.

My grateful thanks for the honour of being appointed the 1971 John Danz Lecturer are due to President Charles E. Odegaard and Dean Joseph L. McCarthy of the University of Washington.

For his kind Foreword I am indebted to Professor Garrett Hardin of the University of California at Santa Barbara whose incisive and thoughtful writings on the subject have been a source of inspiration.

My thanks are also due to the Editors of The New York Times Magazine, Population Review and Scientific American for permission to use material contributed to their columns.

Lastly I would like to express my gratitude to all those authors, editors and publishers who have given me permission to quote from their books and articles. Footnotes at appropriate places indicate the sources.

S. Chandrasekhar La Jolla, California 15 December 1972 . . .

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