Environmental Pollution Studies

Environmental Pollution Studies

Environmental Pollution Studies

Environmental Pollution Studies


This book examines a number of important contemporary environmental issues in an informative and easy-to-read style. The topics covered include sewage treatment, eutrophication, air pollution, acid rain, global warming and pollution from farming. A particularly valuable section of the book describes a range of tests that can be carried out on various environmental parameters. The procedures require relatively simple equipment and they have been pre-tested in a school laboratory. Environmental Pollution Studies will be of value to senior school pupils and students at college or university embarking on courses in environmental science. "An extremely useful introduction to a complex and important topic... I would have no hesitation in recommending this book to anyone involved in teaching any aspect of the environmental sciences."--Teaching Earth Sciences


Water pollution, global warming, poor air quality, acid rain, holes in the ozone layer, etc. - these are issues that are featured regularly in our newspapers, news reports and TV programmes. Ever since we received the first pictures of the earth from outer space, we have become much more aware of how small our world is in the cosmos and how vulnerable it is to destruction by human activities. Concern about the state of our environment is now one of the main issues in people's minds, even higher up the list than war, unemployment and health.

National governments have responded to these concerns and most of them now have specialist Environment Ministries to ensure that laws are enacted, not only to protect the environment of their countries, but also to contribute to world-wide efforts at reducing the awful damage that the human race is doing to the natural world.

The pressures to do so are enormous because, not only are our numbers increasing at a great rate but we all look for a better standard of living. The figures in Table 1 illustrate the scale of the problem now, and for the future.

Each of these people is looking for the basic necessities of life - food, a home and clothes to protect them from the elements - but many hope for much more. In the UK for example, each family wants a TV, radio, a range of furniture, cooker, washing machine, ’fridge, car, computer, holi-

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