Zionism and Technocracy: The Engineering of Jewish Settlement in Palestine, 1870-1918


"Zionism and Technocracy is important reading for anyone seriously interested in the development of the Yishuv during the last decades of Ottoman rule." -- Choice

"... stimulating and well written... " -- Shofar

"A pioneering work on the most important aspect of early Zionist history, well researched, well written, highly to be recommended." -- Walter Laqueur

"Taut and well-written with a fresh approach, Penslar's painstakingly researched study fills an important gap in the literature on the early Yishuv." -- The Jerusalem Post Magazine

"Penslar has written one of the first 'social histories' of an important aspect of Zionism." -- David Sorkin

"... Penslar presents an alternative perspective of those early days of Jewish settlement. Instead of a tale of individuals and their efforts, it is history of the organizational efforts to develop the institutions needed to reestablish the Jewish presence on the land." -- Midstream

The creation of a Jewish homeland in modern Palestine represented a monumental technical achievement. This achievement, and the story of the Jewish technocrats from Central Europe who engineered it, is documented here for the first time -- bringing together social, intellectual, and institutional history in a pathbreaking study.

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Publisher: Place of publication:
  • Bloomington, IN
Publication year:
  • 1991


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