The Peace Race

The Peace Race

The Peace Race

The Peace Race


The peace race is an alternative to either war or surrender in the world contest with the Soviet system. It is a policy for the West for winning a world political victory for freedom in society.

I have written this book because as an American I see that our country will lose its life and its freedom if the arms race and its policies are continued.

The military strength of the United States is being by- passed by the Communist campaign that promises an end to poverty at the price of personal and political freedom. Yet, despite the defeats in Cuba, China, Laos, and Korea, the United States still commits itself to the losing military battle cries of "Better Armed than Impotent," "Better Dead than Red."

Dead, red, and impotent--all involve a major defeat. A military policy, emphasizing armament, contradicts its own ends, for it invites disaster in a war that no one can win.

It is time for all citizens of the United States to examine the arms race: What has it gained us? What will it get the United States since there can be no winner in a nuclear war?

Unswerving commitment to the arms race means the end of Western civilization, no less than Russia, in war. The arms race also marks the decline of the United States as the world's leading political and industrial power in peace.

There is still a chance for the United States if the fiasco of the arms race is recognized and replaced by a policy that can win. But it must happen promptly. When the arms race fails, or, rather, when it succeeds, there will be no second chance.

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