The European Economy 1914-2000

The European Economy 1914-2000

The European Economy 1914-2000

The European Economy 1914-2000


This reissued work provides an invaluable guide to the major economic changes in both Western and Eastern Europe during the twentieth century. As in the earlier editions, Professor Aldcroft presents a succinct and lucid account of the development problems of the European economy throughout the twentieth century.


For this new edition the opportunity has been taken to make several changes and revisions, apart from small corrections to the text. Several parts of the text have been rewritten to incorporate new material, an additional chapter has been added to bring the volume up-to-date, the chapter bibliographies have been extensively revised to reflect recent work, while questions for discussion have been appended at the end of each chapter.

I should like to thank Dr Michael Lynch for helpful suggestions on the design of the text. I am also very grateful to Dr Steven Morewood for contributing the last two chapters to this volume.

Derek H. Aldcroft

Manchester Metropolitan University

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