Internal Marketing: Directions of Management

Internal Marketing: Directions of Management

Internal Marketing: Directions of Management

Internal Marketing: Directions of Management


This work represents a resource of the current research and conceptual development in internal marketing. It features case studies covering a wide range of sector and industry applications.


Internal marketing, the application of marketing management to the corporate organisation, was first suggested in the late 1970s. Since then it has been adopted widely in management and marketing.

This collection of new essays by an international group of leading scholars was commissioned in recognition of the importance, after two decades of developments, of contemporary reflection on, and synthesis in, the conception of internal marketing. We have encouraged intellectual trespassing in various traditional disciplines in order to reflect on marketing thought in a ‘new management’ among otherwise closed knowledge domains (often with competing claims).

In particular, we have surfaced a communication perspective that has not featured strongly in most of the literature to date, and feel justified in doing this as explorers and missionaries. Our quest is not for a single closed definition; we are not seeking to resolve the problem of ‘confusion’ in thinking about this management approach. In fact, we will inevitably add to the chaos. But, we believe that this may catalyse further thought and effort and that this will be a productive enterprise. This is, then, a feast of ideas and orientations, rather than a ‘concept-controlled diet’.

Each subject studied by mankind has, until relatively recently, been treated more or less as an isolated area; each discipline developing its own theories and understandings, with generally little connection with the findings of studies in other fields of knowledge. The tendency to divide already separate fields of study into increasingly smaller portions has led to gaps in our overall knowledge of human behaviour, and greater synthesis can serve our needs.

For more than half a century, through the work of a number of notable people (for example, Ludwig von Bertalanffy (1969) and James Miller (1978)), areas of study have become less isolated so that their respective theories and understandings are now more integrated. Some common principles and properties of widely different phenomena have been revealed by the interdisciplinary study known as general systems theory, a way of looking at the world that sees an interconnected hierarchy of matter and energy. The basic theme of the systems approach is that all phenomena are related in some way. Accordingly, everything is seen as part of a system. Following a major study, Miller (1978) concluded that

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