Entrepreneurship in a Global Context

Entrepreneurship in a Global Context

Entrepreneurship in a Global Context

Entrepreneurship in a Global Context


Taking a multidisciplinary approach, this book examines current entrepreneurship theory in multinationals, economics, organizational sociology, marketing & finance, & also discusses gender & networking, job satisfaction & franchising.


As you will discover in the following volume of research, the Fourth Annual Global Conference on Entrepreneurship Research, held in 1994 at INSEAD, France, included a wide selection of themes, methodological approaches, fields and organization types. In this, it reflects our aims to provide young scholars with a global perspective on a variety of possible approaches in entrepreneurship research.

Another objective of this conference is to give these young scholars an opportunity to present their ongoing research to positive, supportive, helpful senior researchers, and to benefit from their critiques in improving the papers for publication. The feedback on papers has been constructive and most of them have been rewritten in accordance with suggestions.

A serious issue arose when the large increase in the number of papers submitted to the conference made it impossible to include all of them in the proceedings. The participants were therefore asked to vote for those papers they wanted to see published in order of preference. The papers that did not make the cutoff are instead published as abstracts.

The main body of the book therefore consists of those papers that received the votes to be published in full. Abstracts of the other papers are to be found at the end of the volume.

We hope to continue to participate in entrepreneurship research that remains multi-disciplinary in spirit, multi-method in measurement and fascinating in its results.

Sue Birley

Ian C. MacMillan


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