The Ukrainian Diaspora

The Ukrainian Diaspora

The Ukrainian Diaspora

The Ukrainian Diaspora


In this fascinating book, Vic Satzewich traces one hundred and twenty-five years of Ukranian migration, from the economic migration at the end of the nineteenth century to the political migration during the inter-war period and throughout the 1960s and 1980s resulting from the troubled relationship between Russia and the Ukraine. The author looks at the ways the Ukranian Diaspora has retained its identity, at the different factions within it and its response to the war crimes trials of the 1980s.


On October 23, 1994, a fifteen-minute segment of the CBS news-magazine program 60 Minutes was devoted to the increase in anti-Semitism in Ukraine since that country became independent in 1991. The item was called ‘The Ugly Face of Freedom’ and was hosted by Morely Safer. The program showed snippets from interviews with Jewish leaders who described what appeared to be rampant anti-Semitism in Ukraine. It also juxtaposed events and organizations that were associated with atrocities committed against Jews during World War II with present-day Ukraine; the implication was that in the 1990s Ukrainians were continuing in their alleged long-standing and traditional hatred of Jews. In one scene the program overlaid images of goose-stepping German soldiers during the war with a torchlight march of a present-day Ukrainian youth organization. The images were accompanied by the sound of marching boots, implying that the youths were the new brownshirts of Ukrainian ethnic nationalism. Elsewhere in the program, Safer commented:

Many of the Ukrainian men of Lvov [Lviv] who marched off as members of the SS never returned, killed fighting for Hitler. But last summer, a good number of the survivors, veterans of the SS Galicia Division, did return for a reunion laid on by the Lvov City Council - Ukrainian SS veterans now living in Canada, the United States and Ukraine. Nowhere, certainly not in Germany, are the SS so openly celebrated. And for this reunion, Cardinal Lubachevsky, head of the Ukrainian Catholic Church, gave his blessing, just as his predecessor did to the SS more than 50 years ago.

(Cited in Kuropas, 1995)

Near the end of the program Safer moderated the allegations with the comment ‘that Ukrainians … are not genetically anti-Semitic’.

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