The Limits of Thought

The Limits of Thought

The Limits of Thought

The Limits of Thought


The Limits of Thought is a series of penetrating dialogues between the great spiritual leader, J. Krishnamurti and the renowned physicist, David Bohm.The starting point of their engaging exchange is the question: If truth is something different than reality, then what place has action in daily life in relation to truth and reality? We see Bohm and Krishnamurti explore the nature of consciousness and the condition of humanity. These enlightening dialogues address issues of truth, desire awareness, tradition, and love. Limits of Thought is an important book by two very respected and important thinkers. Anyonbe interested to see Krishnamurti and Bohm probe some of the most essential questions of our very existence will be drawn to this great work.


The friendly relationship between David Bohm and J. Krishnamurti spanned almost a quarter of a century, during which they frequently had dialogues about the sources of individual and collective conflict, and the possibilities of freedom from self-centred and confusing activity through a certain quality of insight. Their discussions sometimes included other teachers and scientists, psychiatrists and scholars.

For some years David Bohm was a Trustee of the Krishnamurti Foundation and of Brockwood Park, the international school in Hampshire founded by Krishnamurti. From Brockwood’s beginnings in 1969 almost until he died in 1992, David Bohm, at Krishnamurti’s request, was vitally involved in the work of the school.

Some of the deep and sustained dialogues between Krishnamurti and David Bohm have been made available in publications and recordings. Those which comprise this collection, The Limits of Thought, shed further light on their challenging explorations of the nature of consciousness and the condition of humanity.

Mary Cadogan and Ray McCoy

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