Leadership for Quality Schooling: International Perspectives

Leadership for Quality Schooling: International Perspectives

Leadership for Quality Schooling: International Perspectives

Leadership for Quality Schooling: International Perspectives


Leadership for Quality Schooling provides the latest thinking and research on school leadership from a range of international scholars in the field of educational administration. Because of the growing acceptance of school- based models of school management, there is now developing a greater focus on how quality education can be more fully achieved in this increasingly commonplace administrative context. Since one major aspect of promoting quality is the role of school leadership, this book offers a particular focus on the question of the connection between leadership and school improvement, effectiveness and performance. Leadership for Quality Schooling will be of interest to educational practitioners, students, researchers, academics and policymakers. It is intended as a guide to the latest research on leadership, as well as a stimulus to further thought for those looking for alternative ideas to existing practices.


The various chapters comprising this volume offer a series of perspectives on the question of promoting quality schooling through the assorted activities that go into leadership. With authors from Australia, Canada, China, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States, the coverage, while not extensive, is nevertheless international, and will provide some useful contrasts and novelties for general readers.

We have sought to provide a further source of breadth, cutting across international diversity, by including a range of theoretical perspectives. Some chapters also contain commentary on the ideas in other chapters, indicating that diversity can be fruitfully conjoined with dialogue.

Despite this breadth, we have aimed at gaining focus on certain specific contexts. For example, we assume the growing acceptance of school-based models of school management, and the priority of the resulting task of more fully achieving quality education within this increasingly commonplace administrative context. Moreover, we acknowledge the importance of researching and understanding connections between leadership and school improvement, effectiveness and performance, matters dealt with at length by some of our authors.

An overview of the contents of the book is given in the Introduction.

In assembling this volume we owe much to the work of others. In addition to the fine efforts of our authors, we are grateful for the support this project has received from the Centre for Educational Leadership (CEL) at The University of Hong Kong. A number of chapters were first presented at functions organized and sponsored by CEL. We are particularly grateful for the work of the Centre’s Executive Officer, Cindy Wu, for handling innumerable drafts in the process of preparing the final manuscript, and Shen Jin, our research student who translated the chapter by Minyuan Gu into English.

Finally, the book is intended for a wide audience. Our belief is that the diversity of perspectives and the depth of treatment will prove both intellectually exciting and practically useful.

Kam-cheung Wong and Colin W. Evers

The University of Hong Kong

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