Creating the Future's Schools

Creating the Future's Schools

Creating the Future's Schools

Creating the Future's Schools


This fascinating book is based on the changes to schooling that a five year-old, Angelica will see in her lifetime. It is divided into two parts: the first describes how schools are viewed by society; the second considers practical responses that schools can make to keep up with change. Creating the Future School predicts that the career of teaching will change and the work of the professional educator will differ significantly from what has been the traditional teaching role in schools of the twentieth century. The book addresses principals, senior members of school staff, teachers, governors and policy makers and aims to open up the reader's awareness to the profound shift in society and how society views its schools.



The myth of the unchanging school

Furthermore, the schools look the same. The traditional school is set in a large geographical area called ‘the school grounds’ or a campus (which is Latin for an open plain), and fenced in to imply that it is a self-contained institution. The formal instruction is conducted in sets of relatively large buildings consisting of rows of classrooms opening into long passageways which are designed to control or at least co-ordinate student movement. If one allows for varying degrees of artifice and architecture, school buildings tend to look the same the world over.

The impression, then, is that schools do not change much, in fact that they have not radically changed over many decades. In spite of dramatic developments in society and the world, schools seem to go on doing the same things in the same way with the same results and with variations in student performance being the consequence of the same things. Dale Mann quotes the President of the Xerox Corporation:

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