Issues in Mathematics Teaching

Issues in Mathematics Teaching

Issues in Mathematics Teaching

Issues in Mathematics Teaching


The contributors look at a range of issues in the teaching of mathematics that will enable students to build upon their learning and place their teaching into a wider context. This book presents the key debates that the mathematics teacher will need to understand, reflect on and engage in as part of their professional development. Issues in Mathematics Teaching is suitable for those at initial training level right through to practising mathematics teachers. Its accessible structure enables the reader to pursue the issues raised as each chapter includes suggestions for further reading and questions for reflection or debate.


How to make the most of this book

Peter Gates

Who this book is for

This book has been specifically written with classroom teachers in mind, particularly new teachers. By ‘new teachers’, we mean student teachers on courses of initial teacher education (PGCE or B. Ed. courses or those on other routes into the profession, such as SCITT schemes, fast track programmes, modular courses etc.) as well as teachers in their first few years of teaching. We hope the book will be read by both teachers in primary schools who need to teach mathematics, and mathematics teachers in secondary schools. Most of the issues we address are issues that affect both primary and secondary phases—and we have avoided focusing this book exclusively on one phase or another because we feel there are issues of which all those who teach mathematics need to be aware. Due to the contextualisation of some of the issues, it might appear that some chapters are more appropriate for one phase rather than another. We would, however, urge all readers, whether working in the primary or secondary phase, to see that each chapter has something to offer once you have seen through that context into the wider issues. Hence, the content of the book and the issues raised in it will be of interest to all those responsible for teaching mathematics and mathematics education in all phases. The issues covered in the book are both contemporary and controversial, and are those currently under debate by the profession more generally. This audience has dictated also the style and approach of the writing used in the book. All contributors have attempted to make the issues as accessible as possible. This is not always easy given the complex nature of educational issues and at times, you might have to work hard. We make no apologies for that.

The book is likely also to be useful to teachers who are working as mentors to new teachers—either on ITE courses or NQT induction programmes. In addition it is likely to be of interest to higher education tutors of students on mathematics education courses, since it not only covers contemporary issues, but also offers reflective activities.

Because of the way in which current state-of-the-art research in mathematics education has been used by the contributors, (most of whom are currently active researchers in the area on which they write) this book is likely also to be of interest to those researching areas of mathematics education in order to foster a broader perspective on some complex issues.

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