The Environment, Employment, and Sustainable Development

The Environment, Employment, and Sustainable Development

The Environment, Employment, and Sustainable Development

The Environment, Employment, and Sustainable Development


This wide-ranging collection features contributors from many European countries and offers an original analysis of the progress being made in a number of European countries towards sustainable development as well as the impact this is having on the jobs market and the career structure of those employed for their environmental skills and expertise.


The environment as a business issue

Klaus Kohlhase

The environment has a very high priority in bp and this is not surprising. Many of our operations, our refineries, our chemical plants, our tankers and our products have the potential to cause damaging effects on the environment.

The way we deal with environmental issues has a major impact on our performance, our reputation and our efficiency.

Bp is a performance-oriented company, whose goal is continuous improvement, which applies equally to the environment as to the business. This is an obligation to all our stakeholders. Continuous improvement to the environment and to the business are closely linked.

We are applying expertise and resources to ensuring the health of the workforce, reducing the possibility of industrial accidents, minimising the impact on the environment and responding to consumer demands for green products.

Bp is achieving this by fully integrating Health, Safety and Environment into the business management process and making it part of everyday business decisions.

The oil and chemicals industries have been accused of being protective and secretive industries. This may have been so in the past, but things are changing. bp is committed to an open dialogue with the public on environmental matters. For several years we have been publishing our environmental performance, our views and position in our environmental report, New Horizons.

Bp welcomes this publication. Industry needs competent professionals to help deal with the many and ever increasing environmental issues and challenges. Professional scientists help us to understand the complexities of global climate change; professional engineers can build and operate the most efficient waste water treatment plants; and professional environmental managers can help our business management to develop the most effective environmental management systems.

In addition to developing competent environmental professionals, industry needs to educate its own business line management and raise their awareness and understanding of the importance of the environmental challenge. This is

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