A Guide to the Religions of America:

A Guide to the Religions of America:

A Guide to the Religions of America:

A Guide to the Religions of America:


MR. LIPPHARD writes from a back
ground of more than forty years of
professional association with the
American Baptist Convention, which
consists of more than 6,500 churches.
Views of some members of the Ameri
can Baptist Convention differ on cer
tain points (for example, the doctrine
of the Virgin Birth) from those held
by some members of the Southern
Baptist Convention. It should be em
phasized that neither the American
Baptist Convention nor the Southern
Baptist Convention has ever adopted
an "official" statement of doctrine and
faith; accordingly, minor differences
among Baptists, on specific points of
creed or practice, may be regarded as
individual, not official, variations.

William B. Lipphard, president of
the Associated Church Press from
1947 to 1949, was for twenty years
editor of the Baptist publication, Mis
sions magazine. He has long been
associated with the American Baptist
Convention and served as a delegate
to Baptist World Congresses in Swe
den, Germany, Canada, and Denmark.

Mr. Lipphard was born in Evans
ville, Indiana, in 1886. He was edu
cated at Yale, from which he received
a B.A. and an M.A. degree, and Col
gate-Rochester Divinity School, where
he won his B.D. His honorary degrees
include a D.D. from Franklin College,
and a Litt.D. from Ottawa University,
Kansas. He has traveled widely in
Europe, to which he has made over
twenty separate trips, the Far East,
and South America.

From 1940 to 1943, Mr. Lipphard
was secretary of the World Relief
Committee of the American Baptist
Convention. He was a member of the
Joint Commission on Missionary Edu
cation of the National Council of the
Churches of Christ, is a member of the
American Friends of the World Coun
cil of Churches, the Foreign Policy
Association, and is a former vice-presi
dent of the American Baptist His
torical Society.

In 1951, Mr. Lipphard received an
award from the Associated Church
Press for his eminence in editorial
writing. He is the author of four
books: The Ministry of Healing , The
Second Century , Communing with
Communism , and Out of the Storm in
China .

What is a Baptist?

A Baptist is a faithful follower of Jesus Christ, who sincerely endeavors to establish His way of life among mankind, is a staunch believer in the historic Baptist principle of religious liberty, has been baptized by . . .

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