The Handbook of Separation and Divorce

The Handbook of Separation and Divorce

The Handbook of Separation and Divorce

The Handbook of Separation and Divorce


The Handbook of Separation and Divorce is principally concerned with the financial consequences of a marriage breakdown. It suggests what should be done when a marriage is in difficulty, and ensures that advice is obtained from a specialist solicitor.


This book has been written to meet the need of everyone whose marriage may have come to an end. It contains information about the legal processes and financial consequences of divorce and separation.

It does not deal with issues concerning children except insofar as it explains what information the court requires when divorce proceedings are taken; it considers the relevance of the Child Support legislation and the court’s powers to deal with cases which are excluded from the jurisdiction of the Child Support Agency. It also contains references to child abduction.

It is hoped that readers will gain sufficient practical information from the book to decide what further steps to take; and those who decide to embark on divorce proceedings should have an idea of the information they need to assemble to assist their solicitors to advise them and prompt the questions they will need to ask them. The crucial importance of obtaining specialist legal advice is underlined for everyone: the repercussions of ill-informed decisions can be disastrous for the lives of the entire families affected.

The book emphasises solicitors’ obligation to settle cases where they can be settled and the importance of establishing each person’s means consistent with a solicitor’s potentially conflicting obligations to clients to obtain a full picture of his or her spouse’s finances while ensuring that family assets are not consumed by costs. The book has been written before the form of the government-proposed divorce reform legislation is known, but it refers to expected changes. The new law if passed is not expected to take effect until 1998.

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