The Pinter Ethic: The Erotic Aesthetic


The only comprehensive guide to the plays of one of the world's greatest yet most puzzling contemporary dramatists, The Pinter Ethic penetrates the mystery of Harold Pinter's work and offers compelling and authoritative insights on the primal power of his drama. With remarkable clarity, Penelope Prentice's close reading of Pinter's work untangles the multiple ambiguities, complex conflicts and contradictory actions which continue to baffle, bewilder, and confound critics and audiences. She reveals that Pinter's plays reflect not a vision of postmodern hopelessness in a world threatening to self-destruct, but provoke choice and action that enlarge the concept of love and link it to justice. Offering a definitive analysis of Pinter's work -- from his early poetry, fiction, interviews, essays and novel The Dwarfs to his most recent play Celebration -- Prentice demonstrates why Pinter's work can only be communicated through drama where attitude and intention may count for little, but where action is all.