Managing Change in Schools: A Practical Handbook

Managing Change in Schools: A Practical Handbook

Managing Change in Schools: A Practical Handbook

Managing Change in Schools: A Practical Handbook


Written by two educational psychologists, this essential aid shows how change can be managed to increase job satisfaction and avoid unnecessary stress and conflict.

• offers practical advice for schools with action plans

• outlines the mechanics and processes in self-appraisal

• analyses the key methods for promoting effective change

• shows ways to monitor, review and evaluate change

• examines a number of strategies including consultation, negotiation, project development and in-service training


Teachers at all levels of the profession may, with some justice, feel themselves overwhelmed with innovation, new legislation and change. a book such as this, which offers a great deal of practical help on managing change, will prove a godsend to middle and senior managers in schools and colleges, advisers, administrators and governors.

Written by two educational psychologists, whose collective range of experience covers county, metropolitan and inner-city LEAs, this book offers a refreshing new slant on a topic widely written about by academics, in particular over the past decade. Colin Newton and Tony Tarrant would not claim to be academics, though even a cursory glance at the pages of this book will reveal the breadth and depth of their reading. They are above all practitioners, as aware of the problems that arise in schools as any classroom teacher or member of a management team. All the situations used to exemplify their arguments derive from close contact with teachers, in support, advisory and consultative roles.

One outstanding merit of this book is that it brings to the issue of the management of change a refreshing new perspective, that of educational psychology. While some of the chapter headings might well be found in any book on the topic, the treatment within the chapters certainly will not. Working as series editor alongside these two enthusiasts, who have nevertheless throughout the book retained a healthy sense of realism over the needs and capacities of teachers in the limited time that they have available to them, has been for me both a pleasure and an educative experience.

Cyril Poster

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