World Fisheries Resources

World Fisheries Resources

World Fisheries Resources

World Fisheries Resources


World Fisheries Resourcesprovides a comprehensive and up-to-date review of how this commodity is used. The author examines the various aspects of fishing resources from their biological basis through to marketing and consumption. The subject is set in context by tracing the historical development, from its archaeological origins to the industrial expansion of the 19th and 20th centuries. The work comes up-to-date to discuss the modern situation and current trends in both the developed and developing worlds and highlights how exploitation of the resource has increased in recent years.


There are obvious dangers in attempting to treat any topic at the world scale; yet in our increasingly inter-connected and interdependent modern world, the need for global perspectives can only increase. The objective here is to present a perspective of the main issues relating to fisheries, and to illustrate them with chosen detailed cases, in an endeavour to show how these issues bear on the people involved in fishing and ancillary activities in different parts of the world. However, the amount of information available is widely variable in different countries and on different topics, and the choice of examples is inevitably conditioned by this.

At the time that the text was prepared available information and data related to the former USSR, without giving detail on its then constituent republics: the term ‘USSR’ has been retained throughout the text. It is recognised that Taiwan is an important fishing country, but as yet statistics relating to its fisheries are not included in FAO publications.

James R. Coull

Department of Geography

University of Aberdeen

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