Art in the Primary School

Art in the Primary School

Art in the Primary School

Art in the Primary School


All primary school teachers have to teach art but few have sufficient formal training to feel confident with the subject. This book shows how teachers and their pupils can get the most out of art lessons.


After a decade of declining rolls, the number of children in primary schools is once again rising in most countries in the western world. The rise brings in its train an urgent demand for new teachers and ministries. School authorities and training institutions are turning to university graduates, offering one-year or other shortened courses rather than the conventional three- or four-year training course.

Such students know that they are keenly sought. Not only does the shortened course make them more immediately available to schools, but also their expertise is highly appropriate to the widespread demand for real subject specialism to be available in the primary school curriculum.

But the translation of degree-level study into effective primary teaching is a difficult task—particularly in the short postgraduate course. This series is designed to help students to make the transition more readily. Each volume helps the reader to see the similarities between study at school and university and goes on, with advice, example and explanation, to show how subject knowledge can be structured and presented effectively in a primary school curriculum. Above all, the series aims to help beginning graduate teachers to transmit the enthusiasm that has led them to become specialists to new generations of young people.

John Eggleston . . .

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