Geometric Greece

Geometric Greece

Geometric Greece

Geometric Greece


This book is the fruit of numerous pleasant visits to Greece in pursuit of things Geometric. Through the kindness of the Greek Archaeological Service and the Directors of the foreign Schools and Institutes of Archaeology in Athens, I have been privileged to see many important reserve collections. For facilities of study I record my deep gratitude to the Managing Committees of the British School at Athens, and of the Institute of Classical Studies in the University of London.

I have benefited greatly from the expert advice of many colleagues, although the responsibility for all statements and opinions in this book remains mine alone. In particular I thank Mr Vincent Desborough, Dr Reynold Higgins, Dr Vassos Karageorghis, Mr David Ridgway, and Dr John Salmon for their helpful comments on various parts of this book. I am especially grateful to Professor George Huxley for reading the entire work in typescript and in proof, and for saving me from many errors and inaccuracies.

My warmest thanks are also due to former and present members of Ernest Benn Limited: to Mr Stuart Rossiter who suggested the writing of this work, and to Mr John Collis for his skill, patience, and understanding in seeing the manuscript through the press.

I dedicate this book to my wife, who has appraised each chapter as it was written, and has given me constant encouragement at every stage.


Bedford College,


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