Gender Space Architecture: An Interdisciplinary Introduction

Gender Space Architecture: An Interdisciplinary Introduction

Gender Space Architecture: An Interdisciplinary Introduction

Gender Space Architecture: An Interdisciplinary Introduction


This significant reader brings together for the first time the most important essays concerning the intersecting subjects of gender, space and architecture.Carefully structured and with numerous introductory essays, it guides the reader through theoretical and multi-disciplinary texts to direct considerations of gender in relation to particular architectural sites, projects and ideas. This collection marks a seminal point in gender and architecture, both summarizing core debates and pointing toward new directions and discussions for the future.


Architecture is a subject which demands to be understood in context: that is, within the context of its production (society, economics, politics, culture) and the context of its consumption, representation and interpretation (different academic disciplines, interest groups, institutions, users). In the light of enormous and rapid shifts in theoretical, historical and critical debates, particularly with respect to feminism, understanding architecture in relation to gender demands an urgent contextualisation.

A major change in thinking about gender, feminism, space and architecture has occurred in the last five or so years and it has become vital to place current discussions within an intellectual history, enabling some understanding to be gained of the basis and development of these contemporary ideas. Gender, Space, Architecture intends to do just that. The purpose of the book is to provide a comprehensive introduction to issues of gender as they pertain to architectural studies. This is the first such book to include a range of key texts from both within and outside architecture published over the last twenty years. It also provides a clear framework by which to investigate the subject. Gender, Space, Architecture simultaneously presents closure and aperture—a momentary recapitulation of seminal texts both past and present—as well as providing an opening of the territory to future new ideas and practices.

We imagine readers to come with varying interests from a number of different areas: first from within architecture with an interest in gender; second from within gender studies with an interest in space and architecture; and third from within spatialised disciplines, such as geography and anthropology, with an interest in gender and in architecture.

As with any introductory text, the geographic and historical scope of the subject matter of Gender, Space, Architecture is limited to the availability of current research and published material. First, the material is restricted by geography. Most of the writers and the subjects they refer to are western in origin, many in fact from the United States where much of the work has been undertaken. Here, however,

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