Economic Crisis in Africa: Perspectives on Policy Responses


While the pitiful images of famine victims generally emanate from the very poorest countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, the entire region faces an intense economic crisis. Why is this area in a state of near-permanent crisis and perhaps more importantly, what can be done about it?
In Economic Crisis in Africathe authors use country studies to examine how this situation has come about. The book is divided into four parts: Part Ipresents an overall perspective of the African Crisis and its management; Part IIaddresses the problems of the external sector; Part IIIdiscusses the crises and structural adjustment from a microperspective; and finally, Part IVexamines changes in economic systems which took place during the 1980s. At a time when famine again threatens the area, this work offers a valuable insight into a highly complex and critical situation.

Additional information

Includes content by:
  • Magnus Blomström
  • Mats Lundahl
  • Peter Svedberg
  • Göran Hydén
  • Bo Karlström
Publisher: Place of publication:
  • New York
Publication year:
  • 1993


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