The Stateless Market: The European Dilemma of Integration and Civilization


There is a dilemma facing the countries of Western Euorpe. Because they are aware of their weak national positions, these states are inclined to work more closely together for their own benefit. However, for the same reason many are also wary of growing too close because they fear it will compromise their national interests. The Stateless Market is an examination of the process of European integration which focuses on the dilemma outlined above. Contemporary developments and issues are set within the historical context of state formation. Paul Kapteyn argues that throughout history states have been formed either by violent conquest, or by fusion in the face of an external threat; and that markets have emerged only when the state has been established. He points out that while the histories of France, Britain, The Netherlands and Germany conform to these rules, the European Union does not; and he goes on to explore the reason why this is so and its implications for political integration. The Stateless Market is a major contribution to the ongoing discussion on European integration. By combining historical argument and contemporary evidence from interviews, newspaper articles and official documents, Paul Kapteyn shows that the daily quarrels and conflicts are part of a long term process.

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