English 7-11: Developing Primary Teaching Skills

English 7-11: Developing Primary Teaching Skills

English 7-11: Developing Primary Teaching Skills

English 7-11: Developing Primary Teaching Skills


This book focuses on contexts for and approaches to teaching of primary English at Key Stage 2, in the context of the National Curriculum. Through guided activities, teachers are encouraged to examine their own classrooms, strategies and activities.


There would be little argument with the proposition that learning to read and to write are the most important activities in which children must engage during their primary school years. Reading and writing are the keys to the remainder of the school curriculum and any other significant learning which children and adults do. It follows then that the teaching and learning of English assumes an extremely high profile in primary schools.

This book is designed to help readers take a close look at the nature of the teaching and learning of English and to consider for themselves whether the classroom provision they currently make for this is adequate.

The book is not meant to be simply read through. It is designed to be interactive in its approach and readers will be asked to carry out activities and observations as they proceed through the book. It will be useful for readers to have a notebook handy as they work through the book, for noting their thoughts as they engage in the activities. Many of these activities would benefit from being carried out and discussed by groups of teachers and one important use for this book will be as a focus for in-school curriculum development work. The book is divided into ten Units, as follows:

Unit 1: What counts as English language teaching in the primary school?

This Unit begins by examining the predominant vehicle for English work in primary schools, that of project work. It questions what elements in typical class projects can legitimately be counted as English and goes on to discuss opportunities for more deliberate planning in of English activities.

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