Constraints and Impacts of Privatization

Constraints and Impacts of Privatization

Constraints and Impacts of Privatization

Constraints and Impacts of Privatization


This book contains papers on some 25 countries written by experts directly connected with privatisation, either as academics or as policy makers and practitioners, with a comparative review at the end by the editor. It highlights the major factors in the success and the failings of privatisation attempts in different countries in Europe, America, Latin America, Africa, Asia and Australasia. In particular there are studies on the evolving experience of transformation to free market economy in the former socialist countries of Eastern Europe.


This volume follows the two earlier publications of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), resulting from the activities of the Interregional Network on Privatization set up by the Division for Global and Interregional Programmes (DGIP), viz. Privatization in Developing Countries (1989) and Privatization: a Global Perspective (1993). It focuses on two specific areas: the constraints on the pace and success of privatization, and the impacts of privatization. Both are of utmost relevance to countries which wish to implement privatization as part of economic policy reforms—a point which comes out clearly from the in-depth studies contained in the papers.

The volume commences with my basic working paper which presents an analytical overview of the subject, includes papers from eminent contributors who participated in the Expert Group Meeting held in Geneva in August last, and ends with my concluding review of the papers, keeping in mind the trend of discussions which took place at the Meeting.

I express my appreciation of the spirit of co-operation shown by the contributors with the activities of the Network. I thank Mr Philip Reynolds of the undp for his close association with the activities of the Network ever since its inception and his participation in the Geneva Meeting, and Mr Timothy Rothermel, Director, dgip, for his highly supportive interest in the implementation of the work programme of the Network under his general guidance.

I have pleasure in presenting this volume as an output from the co-operative efforts of the Interregional Network on Privatization.

Professor V. V. Ramanadham

New York

March 1993 . . .

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