Child Sexual Abuse: The Search for Healing

Child Sexual Abuse: The Search for Healing

Child Sexual Abuse: The Search for Healing

Child Sexual Abuse: The Search for Healing


A comprehensive overview of the causes, treatment and prevention of child sexual abuse which approaches the problem from the perspectives of the victims, their families and the offenders themselves.



My natural love for beauty was checked by some ancestral dread. Yet this did not prevent me from feeling ecstasies and raptures spontaneously and intensely without any shame or the least sense of guilt, so long as they were disconnected with my own body. I thus detect another element in the shame which I had in being caught looking at myself in the glass in the hall. I must have been ashamed or afraid of my own body. Another memory, also of the hall, may help to explain this. There was a slab outside the dining room door…G. D. lifted me onto this, and as I sat there he began to explore my body. I can remember the feel of his hand going under my clothes; going firmly and steadily lower and lower. I remember how I hoped that he would stop; how I stiffened and wriggled as his hand approached my private parts. But it did not stop. I remember resenting, disliking it—what is the word for so dumb and mixed a feeling? It must have been strong, since I still recall it. This seems to show that a feeling about certain parts of the body; how they must not be touched; how it is wrong to allow them to be touched; must be instinctive. It proves that Virginia Stephen was not born on the 25th January 1882, but was born many thousands of years ago; and had from the very first to encounter instincts already acquired by thousands of ancestresses in the past.

Virginia Woolf (1976)

Moments of being: autobiographical writings

This book is a search for the meaning of sexual abuse in childhood, and an attempt to understand from a variety of clinical . . .

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