Experiments on Embryos

Experiments on Embryos

Experiments on Embryos

Experiments on Embryos


Covering scientific, legal, ethical, historical, theological and public policy aspects of human embryo research, the cases for and against are put strongly and clearly. Scientific evidence is cogently presented by leading embryologists.


The Centre for Social Ethics and Policy, University of Manchester, sponsors an annual public lecture series on issues of pressing public concern, Four of the contributors to this volume, Professor R. G. Edwards, Professor John Marshall, Mr D. J. Cusine, and Professor Keith Ward, were the lecturers for 1987 on the theme: ‘The ethical issues of embryo research’. Such was the interest in the lecture series, and indeed in the topic, that we decided to commission essays not only from the four lecturers, but from others who have an interest in this field. The result, we hope, is a balanced set of contributions covering the scientific, legal, ethical, theological, historical, and policy dimensions of human embryo research and experimentation.

A. O. D. and J. M. H.

Centre for Social Ethics and Policy

University of Manchester, 1989.

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