The Roots of the Military-Political Crises in Cote D'Ivoire


With the coup d'etat of 24 December 1999 and the politico-military conflict that started on 19 September 2002, C¿te d'Ivoire broke with its tradition of political stability, which had served as a model in the West African sub-region. It is now facing an unprecedented crisis that is not only jeopardizing the continuity of the state, but has also introduced a culture of violence into the society. This study has three objectives. The primary one is to understand the nature of this socio-political crisis, and what is at stake in it. Secondly, the study examines the issue of ivoirit¿. Finally, it explores the escalation of violence in this socio-political crisis and the catalogue of justifications for that violence. It is argued that the recurrence of military coups d'etat in C¿te d'Ivoire signifies the delegitimization of the modes of regulation built on the tontine system, and calls for a renewal of the political grammar and socio-political regulatory modalities around integrating principles that have yet to be devised.

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