An Introduction to Politics: Lectures for First-Year Students


An Introduction to Politics is essential material for first-year students in social sciences and for the general reader interested in the basics of contemporary politics. The book's various sections and lecture summaries deal with the important areas of political science, different systems of democratic government, the fall of communism and post-communist politics, as well as issues in Caribbean politics such as globalization, constitutional reform, and regional integration. This third edition is fully revised and incorporates pertinent new material to the needs of students in the twenty-first century. Table of Contents Section I Political Behaviour, Political Culture, and Political Socialization Section II The Changing Definition of Political Science and Politics Section III Democracy: Representative and Participatory; Parliamentary and Presidential Section IV The Presidential and Parliamentary Systems of Government Section V The Transition from Communism and Post-Communism Section VI The Anglophone Caribbean State: Decolonization, Contemporary Constitutions, Reform Proposals Section VII Contemporary Caribbean Politics: Globalization, Regionalism, and Political Change


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