Professional Feature Writing

Professional Feature Writing

Professional Feature Writing

Professional Feature Writing


This text covers the basics of feature writing for newspapers, magazines, and newsletters. It covers basic writing activities, the various types of articles, and writing in different contexts. For students in feature writing/advanced writing courses.


This book discusses feature writing. Features are a large part of what people seek in their newspapers, magazines, and newsletters, and this book tries to guide motivated writers down the right path. It emphasizes writing values that will strengthen the reader's journalistic practices. The purpose of this fourth edition is the same as that of the original, second, and third editions: to give advanced writers and reporters a thorough look at newspaper, magazine, newsletter, and online feature writing. To fully appreciate its contents, readers need an introduction to writing and reporting for newspapers, magazines, newsletters, and online publications before starting this book.

An advanced student should find it filled with good advice for writing different types of features. The book offers lists of tips, observations, and guidelines for writers. Similarly, lists of sources and story ideas are often offered in each chapter. To accomplish these goals, the book required many sources of information. It is a collection of a wide variety of perspectives and experiences of the author and other experienced writers, editors, publishers, and professors. This volume should be a solid tour of the different forms and approaches to feature writing.

There are several points to note about the book. First, the book is geared to advanced student writers and beginning professionals. Readers should have a foundation in writing basics from beginning writing and reporting classes to get the most from this material. There are no exercises or other classroom activities. Students are expected to practice their feature writing and reporting in the world around them while working on fresh assignments that can lead to publication in their campus news media outlets or in other publications. Second, this book focuses on newspaper, magazine, newsletter, and online publications with emphasis on daily newspapers and consumer magazines.

This latest edition emphasizes three primary aspects of feature writing: introduction and writing skills or basics, article types, and the collegiate and professional writing life. In each chapter, you will learn from the narrative, from the advice of professionals, and by example. In each chapter, there are excerpts and complete articles from some of the nation's leading publications that illustrate points made in the text. Although most of the examples in this edition are new . . .

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