Introducing English Semantics


Introducing English Semantics is a comprehensive and accessible introduction to the study of meaning.Charles W. Kreidler presents the basic principles of this discipline. He explores how languages organize and express meanings through words, parts of words and sentences. Introducing English Semantics :* deals with relations of words to other words, and sentences to other sentences* illustrates the importance of 'tone of voice' and 'body language' in face-to-face exchanges, and the role of context in any communication* makes random comparisons of features in other languages* explores the knowledge speakers of a language must have in common to enable them to communicate* discusses the nature of language; the structure of discourse; the distinction between lexical and grammatical meaning* examines such relations as synonymy, antonymy, and hyponymy; ambiguity; implication; factivity; aspect; and modalityWritten in a clear, accessible style, Introducing English Semantics will be an essential text for any student following an introductory course in semantics. Assuming no prior knowledge of linguistics, all technical terms are clearly defined in an accompanying glossary and active participation is encouraged through numerous exercises.

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Publisher: Place of publication:
  • London
Publication year:
  • 1998


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