Contemporary Consumption Rituals: A Research Anthology

Contemporary Consumption Rituals: A Research Anthology

Contemporary Consumption Rituals: A Research Anthology

Contemporary Consumption Rituals: A Research Anthology


Bringing together scholars in consumer behavior, history, anthropology, religious studies, sociology, and communication, this is the first interdisciplinary anthology spanning the topic of ritual studies. It offers a multifaceted exploration of new rituals, such as Celebrating Kwanzaa, and of the ways entrenched rituals, such as Mardi Gras, gift giving, and weddings have changed. Moreover, it examines the influence of both cultures and subcultures, and will enhance our understanding of why and how consumers imbue goods and services with meaning during rituals. In this volume, the first in a new LEA series on Marketing and Consumer Psychology: a religious studies scholar talks about the media representation of ritual; communication scholars discuss the transformational aspects of rituals surrounding alcohol consumption; a marketing scholar demonstrates the relevance of organizational behavior theory to understanding gift-giving rituals in the workplace; and a historian describes how the marketing of Kwanzaa was so integral to its successful adoption.


On a daily basis, people are exposed to thousands of marketing appeals (brand names, logos, advertisements, etc.). Attitudes toward products, brands, companies, and decisions to purchase, use, and dispose of products are common and important activities in our lives.

The Consumer Psychology and Marketing Series focuses on contemporary and long-standing issues relevant to psychology, sociology, anthropology and other social sciences as they relate to consumption activities, the multi-faceted influence of advertising, and the relationships between consumers, companies, and brands. The volumes are meant to serve as a bridge between basic and applied research, providing summaries of existing research findings, noting relevant theoretical frameworks, and identifying new areas of inquiry. The volumes in this series will appeal to advanced undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty in the social sciences interested in learning more about the relationship of their disciplines to the discipline of marketing. The volumes will also appeal to practitioners seeking to identify relevant theories and research methods to address practical problems.

For the first book in the series, Cele Otnes and Tina Lowrey have assembled an impressive list of experts to discuss perspectives on the roles of consumption ectives on the roles of consumption.

Curt Haugtvedt Series Editor . . .

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