Abortion Politics in American States

Abortion Politics in American States

Abortion Politics in American States

Abortion Politics in American States


The essays presented here draw from the Soviet Interview Project's evidence of the internal condition of the CPSU party during the "era of stagnation" and its role, influence, and impact on the operation of legal and economic institutions and state bureaucracies.


Putting together a book such as this one is a little like participating in a nationwide seminar conducted by phone, fax, and e-mail. As editors, we wanted to produce a volume that would capture the vitality and diversity of state-level abortion politics in the United States, and we felt the best way to do so was to commission a series of case studies from a representative sample of states. From that beginning we embarked on a process of conversation and argumentation that resulted in Abortion Politics in American States.

This is not, then, a collection of readings; we did not approach a publisher with a packet of articles and papers that we had found elsewhere. Instead, this is a collaborative volume, an original work by thirteen contributors. All but two of the chapters were written because we expressly asked the authors to do so. None has been published previously. We set out a number of themes we wished the contributors to address and a number of variables we wished them to assess. Then the contributors applied those themes and variables to the complex, particular circumstances of their particular states. The result is a series of studies that we hope comprises a coherent and convincing whole.

We wish to thank Michael Weber of M. E. Sharpe for his initial support of this project and for his patience and guidance as it came to fruition. We also wish to acknowledge Thomas O'Hara for his help and his understanding and Dolores M. Byrnes for indexing the book.

Above all, we want to thank our contributors for making the process by which this book was produced so stimulating and, perhaps as important, so efficient. Over many conversations and exchanges of letters with them we have learned a tremendous amount about the states included in this volume and, of course, about the politics of abortion in the United States. We have . . .

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