The War Come Home: Disabled Veterans in Britain and Germany, 1914-1939


"Based on a breathtaking range of research in British and German archives, The War Come Home is written in an engaging, immediately accessible style and filled with rich anecdotes that are excellently told. This impressive book offers a powerful set of insights into the lasting effects of the First World War and the different ways in which belligerent states came to terms with the war's consequences."--Robert Moeller, author of "War Stories: The Search for a Usable Past in the Federal Republic of Germany

"With verve, compassion, and above all else, clarity, "The War Come Home makes the dismal story of the failed reconstructions of disabled veterans in interwar Britain and German into engaging and provocative reading. Cohen moves from astute analysis of the interventions of high level bureaucrats to sensitive interpretations of how disabled veterans wrote and talked about their lives and the treatment they received at the hands of public and private agencies. She beautifully interweaves histories from below and above, showing how the two shaped -- but also collided with -- one another in profoundly consequential ways for the history of the 20th century."--Seth Koven, coeditor (with Sonya Michel) of "Mothers of a New World: Maternalist Politics and the Origins of Welfare States


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