Commercial Arbitration in the Caribbean: A Practical Guide

Commercial Arbitration in the Caribbean: A Practical Guide

Commercial Arbitration in the Caribbean: A Practical Guide

Commercial Arbitration in the Caribbean: A Practical Guide


Legal systems in the Caribbean still reflect those of the original European host countries. However, current commercial practice pays no respect to historic boundaries. Inevitably, disputes will arise. The use of arbitration as a method of settling commercial disputes in the Caribbean is gaining ground.

Arbitration as an alternative to our over-stressed court system has the potential to result in the speedy, economic and equitable settlement of commercial disputes. In this layman's guide, Stoppi addresses the tremendous and urgent need for a basic understanding of the process of alternate dispute settlement in the Caribbean. He draws together the various practical and, to a lesser extent, legal aspects of the regional laws, procedures and rules of arbitration and its off shoots: adjudication, mediation and conciliation. Stoppi also takes a comparative look at the different but analogous practices of alternate dispute resolution entrenched in the legal/commercial environments in Europe and the United States.


Society has, over the years, become more litigious. the increased amount of litigation has resulted in a clogging of the justice system. It has therefore become necessary to employ alternative methods of resolving disputes with a view to disposing of matters more expeditiously. One such method is arbitration. Arbitration provides a credible and readily accessible alternative to dispute resolution in the courts. This method is in fact being increasingly utilized on a global basis.

Mr Stoppi is a respected quantity surveyor practising in Jamaica who has been involved in commercial arbitration for many years. His book is arranged in a logical and helpful manner. It provides information about preparation for arbitration and goes through the entire arbitration process up until determination is made. the practical guidelines presented apply to arbitration in the commercial world of the English-speaking Caribbean. This work has the potential to contribute significantly to there being a greater understanding of, and appreciation for, the process of arbitration.

I welcome this publication. I hope it will cause more litigants to choose this alternative method of dispute resolution and will ultimately have the effect of reducing the clogs in the legal system that lead to a speedier dispensation of justice

Lensley H. Wolfe, oj
Chief Justice of Jamaica . . .

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