Beethoven after Napoleon: Political Romanticism in the Late Works


"A brilliant and unfailingly provocative reading of Beethoven's music. Rumph challenges and refines our views of the subject, reinterpreting overly familiar music in striking new ways. Wonderful critical and interpretive observations abound; the author writes with great imagination and flair."--Scott Burnham, author of "Beethoven Hero

"Rumph shows at last the extent to which Beethoven's late period, the period of his most spiritual and "inward" music, was a response to political change. In effect his book is an extended retort to E. T. A. Hoffmann's two-centuries-old claim that Beethoven's kingdom was not of this world--and it's about time! Rumph's argument will be resisted by Hoffmann's many heirs; but it is most compelling, not least because it answers so many long-standing questions about "the music itself" and clears up so many misconceptions about the nature of musical romanticism."--Richard Taruskin, Class of 1955 Professor of Music, University of California, Berkeley

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