Robert E. Lee: A Play

Robert E. Lee: A Play

Robert E. Lee: A Play

Robert E. Lee: A Play


The early evening of Sunday , May 10 th , 1863.

The room of JEFFERSON DAVIS, President of the Confederacy, at the Confederate White House, Richmond, Virginia .

The window of the room is open to clusters of spring blossom. From the far distance comes the sound of church bells .

JEFFERSON DAVIS is sitting at the table with a SECRETARY.

Davis : General Lee is late.

Secretary : Hardly, Mr. President. He couldn't arrive in Richmond before five. It's only six now.

Davis : Yes, well--that will do. See that the Kentucky proclamation is sent off to-night. Did you ask whether there was any more news of General Jackson?

Secretary : Nothing had come through this afternoon.

Davis : You are sure that General Lee got my letter before he started?

Secretary : Yes, sir, Mason telegraphed that it had been delivered.

Davis : He knows I can't do it. I wish he wouldn't ask it.

Secretary ( deferentially ): A great many people seem to think it is the right time, sir.

Davis : A great many people think a great deal . . .

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