The Way Things Are: Conversations with Huston Smith on the Spiritual Life


"My idea of heaven (here on earth) is sitting in a room and listening to Huston Smith talk (and sparkle and sing); the next best thing, surely, is having him here, as he is in these pages, passing on his contagious delight and excitement in the Real in a voice of miraculous clarity and humanity. I can't think of a more moving and beautiful, more rigorous and wise, book to help us through these troubled times."--Pico Iyer

"In this his new book, Huston Smith gives us his readers a priceless gift during our time of struggle with the nature of good and evil, carefully differentiating between the concepts of good and perfect."--Robert A. Johnson, author of "Inner Work and "We

"Huston Smith, in conversation, sometimes becomes as spontaneous and radiant as the ineffable beauty he talks about. Not all the time. He admits to having a spiritual flu on some days. Wherever he is, though, a clean wind of truth blows through his presence. He always makes me feel more alive! He knows, and lives, and loves whereof he speaks."--Coleman Barks, poet and translator, "Rumi: The Book of Love

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Includes content by:
  • Marsha Newman
Publisher: Place of publication:
  • Berkeley, CA
Publication year:
  • 2003


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