A Courtship after Marriage: Sexuality and Love in Mexican Transnational Families


""A Courtship After Marriage places sex and marriage at the heart of modernity's making. Hirsch's innovative study of marriage-making in transnational Mexican families offers a fascinating look at the opportunities cross-border migration provides for reconstructing gender and rediscovering pleasure. This ambitious, well-crafted book speaks to anthropologists, demographers, and public health specialists, while transcending the divides between them."--Susan Greenhalgh, author of "Under the Medical Gaze: Facts and Fictions of Chronic Pain

"Jennifer Hirsch is one of the new wave in demographic scholars that takes culture seriously. Her book is a model of engaged, policy-relevant scholarship that achieves its warrant through deep contextualization in the everyday experience of its subjects. Beautifully written, rigorously analyzed, and almost novelistic in its nuance and detail, this study of marriage, migration, and fertility puts the people back into demography and makes one of the most powerful contributions to policy-relevant social science that I have seen in a long time. A work of beauty, sensitivity, and scholarship that sets a new standard for all that follows."--Tom Fricke, author of "Himalayan Households: Tamang Demography and Domestic Processes

"In this engagingly written and keenly observed ethnography of Mexican marriages in Atlanta and in small Mexican towns, Jennifer Hirsch brings love, sex and romance to Mexican immigration scholarship, and presents a compelling case for the rise of companionate marriages and ideals of spousal intimacy. This book will appeal to anyone interested in gender studies, immigrant families and the social and cultural contexts offertility."--Pierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo, author of "Domestica: Cleaning and Caring in the Shadows of Affluence

"A groundbreaking study. Gracefully written, yet at the same time rigorously argued, this book reminds us of the poetry and dig